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Gilbert de Botton died in 2000.

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Gilbert Debenham died in 1500.

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Q: When did Gilbert Debenham die?
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When was Gilbert Debenham born?

Gilbert Debenham was born in 1432.

When did Ernest Debenham die?

Ernest Debenham died in 1952.

When did Frank Debenham die?

Frank Debenham died in November 1965.

What is Debenham's population?

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When was Ernest Debenham born?

Ernest Debenham was born in 1865.

When was Christopher Debenham born?

Christopher Debenham was born in 1953.

When was Debenham LC F.C. created?

Debenham LC F.C. was created in 1991.

When was Debenham High School created?

Debenham High School was created in 1964.

How many Debenham stores are there across Europe?

There are several Debenham stores across Europe. However, more specifically there are about 120 Debenham stores across Europe.

What does Debenham's do?

Debenham's is a department store - selling such things as clothing, electricals, houseware, furniture and holidays.

When was Cicely Debenham born?

Cicely Debenham was born on April 17, 1891, in Aylesbury, England, UK.

When was Frank Debenham born?

Frank Debenham was born in 1883, in Bowral, New South Wales, Australia.