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Geoffrey Bagley died in 1992.

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Q: When did Geoffrey Bagley die?
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When was Geoffrey Bagley born?

Geoffrey Bagley was born in 1901.

What has the author Geoffrey Spink Bagley written?

Geoffrey Spink Bagley has written: 'The book of Rye'

When did Ben Bagley die?

Ben Bagley died in 1998.

When did W.G.C. Bagley die?

W.G.C. Bagley died in 1943.

When did Laurence Bagley die?

Laurence Bagley died in 1983.

When did Amelia Bagley die?

Amelia Bagley died in 1956.

When did Thomas Bagley die?

Thomas Bagley died in 1431.

Where did Sarah Bagley die?

Sarah Bagley died in Brooklyn, NY .

When did Edwin Eugene Bagley die?

Edwin Eugene Bagley died in 1922.

When did William Bagley - educator - die?

William Bagley - educator - died in 1946.

When did Bagley Wright die?

Bagley Wright died on 2011-07-18.

When did Edythe Scott Bagley die?

Edythe Scott Bagley died in 2011.