When did Friedrich Koenig die?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Friedrich Kurth died on July 4, 1985, in Berlin, Germany of sepsis.

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Friedrich Koenig died in 1833.

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Q: When did Friedrich Koenig die?
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When was Friedrich Koenig born?

Friedrich Koenig was born in 1774.

When did Alexander Koenig die?

Alexander Koenig died in 1940.

When did Fred Koenig die?

Fred Koenig died in 1993.

When did Juan RamΓ³n Koenig die?

Juan Ramón Koenig died in 1709.

When did Mark Koenig die?

Mark Koenig died on 1993-04-22.

When did Gedaliah Aharon Koenig die?

Gedaliah Aharon Koenig died in 1980.

When did Samuel S. Koenig die?

Samuel S. Koenig died in 1955.

When did Mende Koenig die?

Mende Koenig died on January 4, 2013.

What are facts about Friedrich Koenig's steam powered printing press?

when was the steam powered printing press invented

What happened in the year 1810 in communication?

1810 A.D. Friedrich Koenig applies steam power to printing press

When did Hans-Heinrich Koenig die?

Hans-Heinrich Koenig died on 1944-05-24.

When did Otto Koenig die?

Otto Koenig died on December 5, 1992, in Klosterneuburg, Austria of cancer.