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Francisco Amighetti died in 1998.

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Q: When did Francisco Amighetti die?
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When was Francisco Amighetti born?

Francisco Amighetti was born in 1907.

Did Francisco Amighetti have a wife?

i dnt know

What artist is famous in Costa Rica?

Francisco Amighetti

Who inspired francisco amighetti?

He's a famous Costa Rican painter - of Italian descent.

What famous artists come from Costa Rica?

Dina Molina Lawson Francisco Amighetti Ruiz

When was Amighetti's Bakery created?

Amighetti's Bakery was created in 1921.

When was Giovanni Amighetti born?

Giovanni Amighetti was born in 1971.

When did john mcbaine die in San Francisco?

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What has the author Carlos Guillermo Montero written?

Carlos Guillermo Montero has written: 'Amighetti' -- subject(s): Catalogs

When did Francisco Bauzá die?

Francisco Bauzá died in 1899.

When did Francisco Asorey die?

Francisco Asorey died in 1961.

When did Francisco Ximénez die?

Francisco Ximénez died in 1729.