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Francis Evans Cornish died on 1878-11-28.

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Q: When did Francis Evans Cornish die?
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When was Francis Evans Cornish born?

Francis Evans Cornish was born on 1831-02-01.

When did Francis Warre Warre-Cornish die?

Francis Warre Warre-Cornish died in 1916.

When was Francis Warre Warre-Cornish born?

Francis Warre Warre-Cornish was born in 1839.

When did John Cornish die?

John Cornish died in 1918.

When did Joseph Cornish die?

Joseph Cornish died in 2004.

When did Fred Cornish die?

Fred Cornish died in 1940.

When did Charles Cornish die?

Charles Cornish died in 1936.

When did Harry Cornish die?

Harry Cornish died in 1918.

When did Henry Cornish die?

Henry Cornish died in 1685.

When did Willie Cornish die?

Willie Cornish died in 1942.

What has the author Anthony Cornish written?

Anthony Cornish has written: 'Francis Frith's Wiltshire living memories' -- subject(s): History, Pictorial works

When did Arthur Cornish die?

Arthur Cornish died on 1948-07-29.