When did Frances Gaither die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Frances Gaither died in 1955.

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Q: When did Frances Gaither die?
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When was Frances Gaither born?

Frances Gaither was born in 1889.

What has the author Frances O Jones Gaither written?

Frances O. Jones Gaither has written: 'The pageant of Columbus within a masque of I.I. & C' -- subject(s): Pageants, History

What has the author Frances Gaither written?

Frances Gaither has written: 'The red cock crows' 'Double muscadine' -- subject(s): Lending library, Slavery, Fiction 'The scarlet coat' -- subject(s): Fiction

Did bill gaither die?

Bill Gaither is not dead

When did Gaither Carlton die?

Gaither Carlton died in 1972.

When did Nathan Gaither die?

Nathan Gaither died in 1862.

When did Joseph Gaither Pratt die?

Joseph Gaither Pratt died in 1979.

When did Burgess Sidney Gaither die?

Burgess Sidney Gaither died in 1892.

When did Jake Gaither die?

Jake Gaither died on 1994-02-18.

When did William S. Gaither die?

William S. Gaither died in 2009.

When did Horace Rowan Gaither die?

Horace Rowan Gaither died in 1961.

When did Bill Gaither - blues musician - die?

Bill Gaither - blues musician - died in 1970.