When did Fabia Drake die?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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Fabia Drake was born on January 20, 1904, in Herne Bay, Kent, England, UK.

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Fabia Drake died on February 28, 1990, in London, England, UK.

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Q: When did Fabia Drake die?
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When did Montague Tyrwhitt-Drake die?

Montague Tyrwhitt-Drake died in 1908.

When did W. Raymond Drake die?

W. Raymond Drake died in 1989.

When did Tom Drake die?

Tom Drake died on August 11, 1982 at the age of 64.

Does shun love fabia?

Shun cares about Fabia very much. Even more than he's best friend, Dan, sometimes. He won't let anyone, besides his friends, go near her. Shun is Fabia's closest friend and Fabia has shown feelings for Shun. So I would say yes, they do like each other.

Who in Bakugan does fabia like?

Many Bakugan fans have stated that Shun and Fabia should be together or Fabia and Ren should be together. The anime of Bakugan does not clearly reveal who Fabia likes but the likeliest one so far (six episodes into the series) is Shun because they have spent the most time together. The two were absent for two episodes while Shun found out Fabia's side of the story (the story being the one Ren told about Neathia invading Gundalia, which Fabia said wasn't true) and somehow took her to his grandpa's dojo to "fight" although I don't think Shun exerted his full strength when they "fought" because I don't think Shun would beat up a girl smaller than him. Even though Fabia is very good at throwing people ( She threw Shun.) So far Shun is Fabia's closest friend, even though they are not really that close (Fabia just hasn't got along with the rest of the brawlers) So yes she might like Shun, as more than a friend. This might not work out though because Shun is said to be about 17 and he still is a lot more interested in Bakugan than girls.

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