When did Ernst Moerman die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ernst Moerman died in 1944.

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Q: When did Ernst Moerman die?
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When was Ernst Moerman born?

Ernst Moerman was born in 1897.

When was Fientje Moerman born?

Fientje Moerman was born on 1958-10-19.

When did Ernst Nievergelt die?

Ernst Nievergelt died in 1999.

When did Ernst Bernheim die?

Ernst Bernheim died in 1942.

When did Ernst Stadler die?

Ernst Stadler died in 1914.

When did Ernst Gennat die?

Ernst Gennat died in 1939.

When did Ernst Tengelmann die?

Ernst Tengelmann died in 1954.

When did Ernst Gehrcke die?

Ernst Gehrcke died in 1960.

When did Ernst Freund die?

Ernst Freund died in 1932.

When did Ernst Gervin die?

Ernst Gervin died in 1978.

When did Ernst Baumann die?

Ernst Baumann died in 1992.

When did Ernst of Schaumburg die?

Ernst of Schaumburg died in 1622.