When did Enoch Sontonga die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Enoch Sontonga died on 1905-04-18.

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Q: When did Enoch Sontonga die?
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When was Enoch Sontonga born?

Enoch Sontonga was born in 1873.

Who composed Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika?

Enoch Sontonga; 1897

Who composed nkosisikelel you Africa in 1897?

The composer of Nkosi Sikelela is Enoch Sontonga

Who is the composer of original national anthem for South Africa?

it;s Enoch Sontonga

Who composed nkosi sikelel' Africa and when?

Nkosi Sikelel' Africa was composed by Enoch Sontonga in 1897.

When did Enoch Humphries die?

Enoch Humphries died in 2009.

When did Enoch Francis die?

Enoch Francis died in 1740.

When did Enoch Olinga die?

Enoch Olinga died in 1979.

When did Enoch Thulin die?

Enoch Thulin died in 1919.

When did Enoch Hale die?

Enoch Hale died in 1813.

When did Enoch Storer die?

Enoch Storer died in 1880.

When did Enoch West die?

Enoch West died in 1965.