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Endurance Idahor died on 2010-03-06.

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Q: When did Endurance Idahor die?
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When was Endurance Idahor born?

Endurance Idahor was born on 1984-08-04.

When was Lucky Idahor born?

Lucky Idahor was born on 1980-08-30.

When did Jennifer Figge die?

Jennifer Figge, an American endurance swimmer, is not dead.

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Cardiorespiratory endurance

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An endurance saddle is used for endurance races

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I think there is one more after endurance Fiji

Who is the saint of endurance?

There is no patron saint of endurance.

What are the release dates for Endurance - 2002 Best of Endurance Fiji?

Endurance - 2002 Best of Endurance Fiji was released on: USA: 21 June 2008

Which is the ability to repeat muscle movement over a period of time?

Muscular endurance.

What are two types of endurance?

two types of endurance are:(1)cardio vascular & (2)muscular endurance

What is non-endurance sports?

Non-endurance sports are those sports which do not require a great deal of endurance.

When was Endurance Ojokolo born?

Endurance Ojokolo was born in 1975.