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Emma Curtis Hopkins died in 1925.

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Emma Cooke died in 1929.

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Q: When did Emma Curtis Hopkins die?
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When was Emma Curtis Hopkins born?

Emma Curtis Hopkins was born in 1849.

How come it says Emma Curtis Hopkins committed suicide in Australia Verify source please?

Could you specify what 'it' refers to? The only information I found was a reference to her dying in the US.

What has the author Mary Emma Curtis written?

Mary Emma Curtis has written: 'The Michael Fetters family'

When did Paul Hopkins die?

Paul Hopkins died in 2004.

When did Samuel I. Hopkins die?

Samuel I. Hopkins died in 1914.

When did Livingston Hopkins die?

Livingston Hopkins died in 1927.

When did Ellice Hopkins die?

Ellice Hopkins died in 1904.

When did Prynce Hopkins die?

Prynce Hopkins died in 1970.

When did Claude Hopkins die?

Claude Hopkins died in 1984.

When did Alfred Hopkins die?

Alfred Hopkins died in 1941.

When did Constance Hopkins die?

Constance Hopkins died in 1677.

When did Herbert Hopkins die?

Herbert Hopkins died in 1972.