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Eduard von der Ropp died in 1939.

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Q: When did Eduard von der Ropp die?
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When was Eduard von der Ropp born?

Eduard von der Ropp was born in 1851.

When did Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz die?

Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz died in 1869.

When was Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz born?

Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz was born in 1796.

What has the author Eduard von der Heydt written?

Eduard von der Heydt has written: 'Von der Heydt collection' -- subject(s): Art, Private collections

When did Eduard von Steiger die?

Eduard von Steiger died in 1962.

When did Eduard von Hofmann die?

Eduard von Hofmann died in 1897.

When did Eduard von Grützner die?

Eduard von Grützner died in 1925.

When did Eduard von Bauernfeld die?

Eduard von Bauernfeld died in 1890.

When did Eduard Von Steinle die?

Eduard Von Steinle died in 1886.

When did Eduard von Capelle die?

Eduard von Capelle died in 1931.

When did Eduard von Jachmann die?

Eduard von Jachmann died in 1887.

When did Eduard von Dyhrn die?

Eduard von Dyhrn died in 1871.