When did Edge turn heel?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Because Edge is a better heel than face, He wasn't that good as a face, He didn't get a full reaction and he had a lame chant: Spear Spear Spear Spear Spear

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Because he thought Chris Jericho attacked him and cost him the WWE Championship match against Randy Orton

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2005 after being injured for 2 months

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Q: When did Edge turn heel?
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Is edge turning face?

Edge will most likely turn face because when he returns the fans will be happy to see him and Edge will most likely confront Chris Jericho who is heel

Why did Jeff Hardy turn heel?

TNA management decided to turn him heel.

Will John Cena turn heel?

It is unknown whether John Cena will turn heel or not.

How do WWE superstars turn to heel or face?

They turn face or heel by having a story line.

Why is Edge being such a big heel?

Because he is good at it

Will Jeff hardy turn into a heel?

no he will not jeff loves the fans and there's no prove that he will turn heel again

Will john cena turn heel again?

I would have thought so.

Will rey mysterio ever turn heel?

It is not known if Rey Mysterio will ever turn heel. Many people have thought he has came close to turning heel.

Is LAX a heel tag team?

no but they might turn heel if it is in there contract.

Is Nikki Bella turning heel?

I do have a feeling she is going to turn heel.

Why did the Rock turn heel in 2003?

Because he was not wrestling in WWE and went to Hollywood instead The Rock did not turn heel.

Who win Jeff hardy or edge in extreme rules 2009?

Jeff Hardy but CM Punk will turn heel and cash in money in the bank and win it in under 30 sec. ok.