When did Earl Butz die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Earl Butz died on 2008-02-02.

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Q: When did Earl Butz die?
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When was Earl Butz born?

Earl Butz was born on 1909-07-03.

When did Albert Butz die?

Albert Butz died in 1905.

When did Ulrike Butz die?

Ulrike Butz died on August 27, 2000, in Munich, Germany.

What did Earl Butz as Secretary of Agriculture in the Nixon Administration do to change farm subsidy programs?

Get big or get out!

What has the author Rudolf W Butz written?

Rudolf W. Butz has written: 'Die Tenda-Linie' -- subject(s): Railroads 'Die Tenda-Linie' -- subject(s): Railroads

What nicknames does Cyndi Butz go by?

Cyndi Butz goes by Butz.

What is the birth name of Dave Butz?

Dave Butz's birth name is David Roy Butz.

What is the birth name of Cyndi Butz?

Cyndi Butz's birth name is Cynthia Lynn Butz.

What has the author Heinz Butz written?

Heinz Butz has written: 'Heinz Butz' -- subject(s): Catalogs

How tall is Dave Butz?

Dave Butz is 6' 7".

How tall is Sebastian Butz?

Sebastian Butz is 188 cm.

When was Arthur Butz born?

Arthur Butz was born in 1933.