When did Donald J. Russell die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Donald J. Russell died on December 13, 1985.

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Q: When did Donald J. Russell die?
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What is Donald J. Russell's birthday?

Donald J. Russell was born on January 3, 1900.

When was Donald J. Russell born?

Donald J. Russell was born on January 3, 1900.

How old was Donald J. Russell at death?

Donald J. Russell died at the age of 85 on December 13, 1985.

When did Donald S. Russell die?

Donald S. Russell died on 1998-02-22.

When did Donald Russell Long die?

Donald Russell Long died on 1966-06-30.

When did Donald J. Hughes die?

Donald J. Hughes died in 1960.

When did Donald J. Mitchell die?

Donald J. Mitchell died in 2003.

When did J. Donald Pollock die?

J. Donald Pollock died in 1962.

When did Donald J. DePorter die?

Donald J. DePorter died in 1996.

When did J. Donald Freeze die?

J. Donald Freeze died in 2006.

When did J. Russell Tuten die?

J. Russell Tuten died in 1968.

When did Gordon J. Russell die?

Gordon J. Russell died in 1919.