When did Derek Meddings die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Derek Meddings died on September 10, 1995, in London, England, UK of colorectal cancer.

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Q: When did Derek Meddings die?
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When was Derek Meddings born?

Derek Meddings was born on January 15, 1931, in London, England, UK.

When did Jonathan Meddings die?

Jonathan Meddings died on August 4, 2007, in Deopham, Norfolk, England, UK.

When was Kevin Meddings born?

Kevin Meddings was born on 1941-10-12.

When was Mark Meddings born?

Mark Meddings was born on August 18, 1954, in Middlesex, England, UK.

When was Edgar Meddings born?

Edgar Metcalfe was born on September 18, 1933, in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK.

What has the author Eric Thorn Meddings written?

Eric Thorn Meddings has written: 'Human engineering directions for information processing technology: human/computer symbiosis'

When did Derek Dingle die?

Derek Dingle died in 2004.

When did Derek Senior die?

Derek Senior died in 1988.

When did Derek Bowett die?

Derek Bowett died in 2009.

When did Derek Weiler die?

Derek Weiler died in 2009.

When did Derek Keppel die?

Derek Keppel died in 1944.

When did Derek Raymond die?

Derek Raymond died in 1994.