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David Rogers - singer - died on 1993-08-10.

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Q: When did David Rogers - singer - die?
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When was David Rogers - singer - born?

David Rogers - singer - was born on 1936-03-27.

When did David McGregor Rogers die?

David McGregor Rogers died in 1824.

When did David Dickson Rogers die?

David Dickson Rogers died on 1915-01-28.

When did J. David Singer die?

J. David Singer died in 2009.

When did David Isaacs - singer - die?

David Isaacs - singer - died in 2009-12.

Did Kenny rogers the singer die?

Kenny Rogers is still alive as of October 7, 2012.

When did David Houston - singer - die?

David Houston - singer - died on 1993-11-30.

When was David McGregor Rogers born?

David McGregor Rogers was born in 1772.

When was David Rogers - footballer - born?

David Rogers - footballer - was born in 1892.

When was David Dickson Rogers born?

David Dickson Rogers was born on 1845-06-10.

How did singer David oliver die?

david died from a seizure in his sleep in winter park,florida I was his guitarist the time of his death.

Who are some Australian male singer songwriters?

There are numerous male singer-songwriters from Australia. Some of them are Guy Sebastian, Mark Seymour, Josh Pyke, Tim Rogers, David McComb, Paul Kelly, and Darren Hayes,