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David Moore Crook died on 1944-12-18.

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Q: When did David Moore Crook die?
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When was David Moore Crook born?

David Moore Crook was born on 1914-11-24.

When did David Crook die?

David Crook died in 2000.

When did David R. Moore die?

David R. Moore died in 1926.

When did David Moore Robinson die?

David Moore Robinson died in 1958.

When did David Hastings Moore die?

David Hastings Moore died in 1915.

When was David Crook born?

David Crook was born in 1910.

What has the author David Moore Crook written?

David Moore Crook has written: 'Spitfire pilot' -- subject(s): Battle of Britain, British Aerial operations, English Personal narratives, Great Britain, Great Britain. Royal Air Force. Squadron, 609, Spitfire, Spitfire (Fighter planes), World War II, World War, 1939-1945, Spitfire (Fighter plane)

Who is David Moore?

David Moore: Photographer David Moore: Artist David Moore: Football player David Hastings Moore: Union Army Officer Samuel David Moore: Rythm & Blues Artist Hope that helps. :)

When did Robert Crook die?

Robert Crook died in 2011.

When did Mark Crook die?

Mark Crook died in 1977.

When did Thomas Crook die?

Thomas Crook died in 1879.

What are the release dates for Crook and Chase - 1986 David James Elliott?

Crook and Chase - 1986 David James Elliott was released on: USA: 1997