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Daniel Venegas died on March 31, 2012, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Q: When did Daniel Venegas die?
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What is the birth name of Daniel Venegas?

Daniel Venegas's birth name is Daniel Ray Venegas.

When was Daniel Venegas born?

Daniel Venegas was born on December 12, 1977.

When did Pascual Venegas Filardo die?

Pascual Venegas Filardo died in 2003.

When did Francisco Javier Venegas die?

Francisco Javier Venegas died in 1838.

When did Andrés Venegas García die?

Andrés Venegas García died in 1927.

When did Luis Venegas de Henestrosa die?

Luis Venegas de Henestrosa died in 1570.

What is the birth name of Rocky Venegas?

Rocky Venegas's birth name is Jos Venegas.

What is the birth name of Bryan Venegas?

Bryan Venegas's birth name is Venegas, Bryan John.

What is the birth name of Julieta Venegas?

Julieta Venegas's birth name is Julieta Venegas Percevault.

When was Socorro Venegas born?

Socorro Venegas was born in 1972.

How tall is Jovanny Venegas?

Jovanny Venegas is 5' 11".

What is Julieta Venegas's birthday?

Julieta Venegas was born on November 24, 1970.