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Rachel Roy and Damon Dash were married on January 15, 2005

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Q: When did Damon dash and Rachel roy get married?
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Did Damon dash kill Aaliyah?

Yes. Aaliyah and Damon had planned on getting married in the spring of 2002. But unfortunately she was killed in a plane crash on August 25, 2001. Damon Dash ended up marrying Rachel Roy on January 15,2005 ironically one day before Aaliyah would have turned 26 if she was still alive. But the marriage between him and Rachel didn't work out and she filed for divorce. He said that he misses Aaliyah too much and there's things that don't come across right with Rachel. He even said that after she found out that he had been engaged to Aaliyah she started playing her music, and tried to sport the same attitude that Aaliyah had. Damon said Aaliyah could never be replaced, and in recent pictures of him and Rachel Roy he doesn't look nearly as happy and in love as he did when he was with singer Aaliyah.

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