When did Cor Brom die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cor Brom died on 2008-10-29.

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Q: When did Cor Brom die?
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When was Cor Brom born?

Cor Brom was born on 1932-08-27.

When did Walter Brom die?

Walter Brom died in 1968.

When did Ladislav Brom die?

Ladislav Brom died on January 22, 1969.

Where does brom die?

Close to Dras-Leona.

When did Cor Braasem die?

Cor Braasem died in 2009.

When did Cor Visser die?

Cor Visser died in 1982.

When did Cor Blommers die?

Cor Blommers was born in 1901.

When did Cor Veldhoen die?

Cor Veldhoen died on 2005-10-11.

When did Cor Kools die?

Cor Kools died on 1985-09-24.

When did Cor Witschge die?

Cor Witschge died on March 13, 1991, in Terschelling, Friesland, Netherlands.

When did Cor Laurentius die?

Cor Laurentius died on January 9, 1963, in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

When did Cor van den Brink die?

Cor van den Brink died on June 5, 2001.