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Clement Coughlan died in 1983.

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John W. Coughlin died in 1920-12.

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Q: When did Clement Coughlan die?
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When was Clement Coughlan born?

Clement Coughlan was born in 1942.

When did Laurence Coughlan die?

Laurence Coughlan died in 1784.

When did Stephen Coughlan die?

Stephen Coughlan died in 1994.

When did John Coughlan die?

John Coughlan died in 1965.

When did Eudie Coughlan die?

Eudie Coughlan died on 1987-01-04.

When did Cathal Coughlan - politician - die?

Cathal Coughlan - politician - died in 1986.

When did Cornelius Coughlan die?

Cornelius Coughlan died on 1915-02-14.

When did Angela Coughlan die?

Angela Coughlan died on 2009-06-14.

When did Ian Coughlan die?

Ian Coughlan died on August 29, 2001, in Australia of cancer.

What is the birth name of Russ Coughlan?

Russ Coughlan's birth name is Russell Coughlan.

What is the birth name of Marisa Coughlan?

Marisa Coughlan's birth name is Marisa Christine Coughlan.

How tall is Andy Coughlan?

Andy Coughlan is 6'.