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Charles Owen Rice died on 2005-11-13.

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Q: When did Charles Owen Rice die?
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When was Charles Owen Rice born?

Charles Owen Rice was born on 1908-11-21.

When did Charles Owen O'Conor die?

Charles Owen O'Conor died in 1906.

When did Charles Owen Smyth die?

Charles Owen Smyth died in 1925.

When was Charles Owen Waterhouse born?

Charles Owen Waterhouse was born in 1843.

When was Charles Owen O'Conor born?

Charles Owen O'Conor was born in 1838.

When was Charles Owen Smyth born?

Charles Owen Smyth was born in 1851.

What nicknames does Charles Owen Hobaugh go by?

Charles Owen Hobaugh goes by Scorch.

What has the author Charles Owen O'Conor written?

Charles Owen O'Conor has written: 'The O'Conors of Connaught'

When did Frederick Charles Tudor Tudor die?

Frederick Charles Tudor Tudor died in 1946.

When was Charles D. Owen High School created?

Charles D. Owen High School was created in 1955.

What has the author Charles Starr Owen written?

Charles Starr Owen has written: 'Genealogy of the descendants of Daniel Owen, Jr., of McHenry, Illinois' -- subject(s): Genealogy

When was Charles Owen Hobaugh born?

Charles Owen was born in the year of 1908, November 21, in Brooklyn New York. He died November 13, in the year of 2005. Charles Owens studied musical at Yehudi Menuhin.