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Bernard Horsfall died on January 28, 2013, in Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK.

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Charles Horsfall died in 1846.

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Q: When did Charles Horsfall die?
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When was Charles Horsfall born?

Charles Horsfall was born in 1776.

When did Ewart Horsfall die?

Ewart Horsfall died in 1974.

When did Alfred Horsfall die?

Alfred Horsfall died in 1944.

When did Thomas Horsfall die?

Thomas Horsfall died in 1878.

When did Dick Horsfall die?

Dick Horsfall died in 1981.

When did Alan Horsfall die?

Alan Horsfall died in 2007-06.

When did Frank Horsfall die?

Frank Horsfall died on 1971-02-19.

When did W. Horsfall Carter die?

W. Horsfall Carter died in 1976.

When did George Horsfall die?

George Horsfall died on 1992-08-28.

When did James G. Horsfall die?

James G. Horsfall died in 1995.

When did William H. Horsfall die?

William H. Horsfall died on 1922-10-22.

When did Basil Arthur Horsfall die?

Basil Arthur Horsfall died on 1918-03-21.