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Charles Copeland Morse died in 1900.

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Q: When did Charles Copeland Morse die?
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When was Charles Copeland Morse born?

Charles Copeland Morse was born in 1842.

When was Charles Copeland Morse House created?

Charles Copeland Morse House was created in 1892.

When did Charles Copeland - illustrator - die?

Charles Copeland - illustrator - died in 1945.

When did Charles W. Morse die?

Charles W. Morse died in 1933.

When did Charles Fessenden Morse die?

Charles Fessenden Morse died on 1926-12-11.

When did Charles E. Morse die?

Charles E. Morse died on 1920-08-31.

When was Charles Copeland - illustrator - born?

Charles Copeland - illustrator - was born in 1858.

What has the author Charles Finney Copeland written?

Charles Finney Copeland has written: 'Poems of inspiration'

When was Charles Hosmer Morse born?

Charles Hosmer Morse was born in 1828.

When was Charles W. Morse born?

Charles W. Morse was born in 1856.

When was Charles E. Morse born?

Charles E. Morse was born on 1841-05-05.

When was Charles Fessenden Morse born?

Charles Fessenden Morse was born on 1839-09-22.