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Cameron Todd Willingham died on 2004-02-17.

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Q: When did Cameron Todd Willingham die?
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When was Cameron Todd Willingham born?

Cameron Todd Willingham was born on 1968-01-09.

What has the author Todd Cameron Shaw written?

Todd Cameron Shaw has written: 'Now is the time!'

When did Ken Willingham die?

Ken Willingham died in 1975-05.

When did Hugh Willingham die?

Hugh Willingham died on 1988-06-15.

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Who has survived the death penalty?

One of the most famous cases has been of Cameron Todd Willingham. He was found guilty of killing his three daughters by arson in Corsicana, Texas. He was convicted based on the testimony of forensic experts who said the fire was intentionally set and a jailhouse informant who said Willingham had confessed to him. Later on, a few days before his execution Gerald Hurst, saying that Willingham's conviction was based on erroneous forensic analysis. Many now believe that he was executed wrongfully.

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When did Philip Willingham die?

Noble Willingham died on January 17, 2004 at the age of 72.

When and where did baseball player Hugh Willingham die?

Hugh Willingham died June 15, 1988, in El Reno, OK, USA.

When did Harry Willingham die?

Harry Willingham died on November 18, 1943, in North Hollywood, California, USA of suicide: gun.

When did Calder Willingham die?

Calder Willingham died on February 21, 1995, in Laconia, New Hampshire, USA of lung cancer.

What is the birth name of Travis Willingham?

Harry Willingham's birth name is Harry George Willingham.