When did Bobby Maples die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bobby Maples died on 1991-02-15.

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Q: When did Bobby Maples die?
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What is the birth name of Bobby Maples?

Bobby Maples's birth name is Bobby Ray Maples.

How tall is Bobby Maples?

Bobby Maples is 6' 3".

When was Bobby Maples born?

Bobby Maples was born on December 28, 1942, in Mount Vernon, Texas, USA.

When did William R. Maples die?

William R. Maples died in 1997.

When did Manuel Maples Arce die?

Manuel Maples Arce died in 1981.

What Number did center Bobby Maples wear?

Bobby Maples played between 1965-1978 for the Houston Oilers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Denver Broncos. While he was with the Oilers his jersey number was 50. As far as the Steelers and Broncos are concerned I do not know what jersey number he wore.

When did Terence Maples die?

Terence Maples died on September 28, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What is the birth name of Marla Maples?

Marla Maples's birth name is Marla Ann Maples.

What is the birth name of Tommy Maples?

Tommy Maples's birth name is Kenneth Tommy Christian Maples.

When was Twin Maples created?

Twin Maples was created in 1908.

When was Maples Cottage created?

Maples Cottage was created in 1830.

How tall is Kendra Maples?

Kendra Maples is 5' 10".