When did Billy Armfield die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Billy Armfield died in 1985.

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Q: When did Billy Armfield die?
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When was Billy Armfield born?

Billy Armfield was born in 1904.

When did John Armfield die?

John Armfield died in 1871.

When did Maxwell Armfield die?

Maxwell Armfield died on 1972-01-23.

When did William Armfield Hobday die?

William Armfield Hobday died in 1831.

When did Lillian May Armfield die?

Lillian May Armfield died in 1971.

When did Robert Franklin Armfield die?

Robert Franklin Armfield died on 1898-11-09.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Armfield?

Jasmine Armfield's birth name is Jasmine Carol Armfield.

What is the birth name of Neil Armfield?

Neil Armfield's birth name is Neil Geoffrey Armfield.

When was Neil Armfield born?

Neil Armfield was born in 1955.

When was John Armfield born?

John Armfield was born in 1797.

When was Dennis Armfield born?

Dennis Armfield was born on December 22, 1986.

What is Jimmy Armfield's birthday?

Jimmy Armfield was born on September 21, 1935.