When did Berl Huffman die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Berl Huffman died on 1990-10-16.

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Q: When did Berl Huffman die?
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When was Berl Huffman born?

Berl Huffman was born on 1907-08-27.

When did Berl Katznelson die?

Berl Katznelson died in 1944.

When did Emmanuel Berl die?

Emmanuel Berl died in 1976.

When did Berl Locker die?

Berl Locker died on 1972-02-01.

When did Berl Repetur die?

Berl Repetur died on 1989-03-23.

When did Berl Kutchinsky die?

Berl Kutchinsky died on 1995-03-09.

When did Berl Senofsky die?

Berl Senofsky died on June 21, 2002, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA of complications from lung and heart disease.

When did Clay Huffman die?

Clay Huffman died in 2001.

When did George Huffman die?

George Huffman died in 1897.

When did Marvin Huffman die?

Marvin Huffman died in 1983.

When did Fon Huffman die?

Fon Huffman died in 2008.

When did John Huffman die?

John Huffman died on 1979-12-24.