When did Basant Nayak die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Basant Nayak died on June 27, 2011, in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India of kidney failure.

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Q: When did Basant Nayak die?
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When was Basant Kumar Birla born?

Basant Nayak was born on January 16, 1937, in Cuttack, Orissa, India.

Name of the current Indian air chief marshal?

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When did Thirumalai Nayak die?

Thirumalai Nayak died in 1659.

When did Chokkanatha Nayak die?

Chokkanatha Nayak died in 1682.

When did Laxman Nayak die?

Laxman Nayak died on 1943-03-29.

When did H. M. Nayak die?

H. M. Nayak died on 2000-11-10.

When did Vasanti N. Bhat-Nayak die?

Vasanti N. Bhat-Nayak died on 2009-02-12.

When did Prabhakar Manajirao Nayak die?

Prabhakar Manajirao Nayak died on May 24, 1986, in Bombay, Maharashtra, India.

When did Vihang Nayak die?

Vihang Nayak died on June 9, 2008, in Kalamboli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India of automobile accident.

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