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Barbara Bellucci died on August 13, 2011.

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Q: When did Barbara Bellucci die?
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When did Antonio Bellucci die?

Antonio Bellucci died in 1726.

When did Richard Bellucci die?

Richard Bellucci died in 2005.

When did Carlos Bellucci die?

Carlos Bellucci died in 1953, in Argentina of heart attack.

What is the birth name of Monica Bellucci?

Monica Bellucci's birth name is Monica Anna Maria Bellucci.

When was Sandro Bellucci born?

Sandro Bellucci was born in 1955.

When was Antonio Bellucci born?

Antonio Bellucci was born in 1654.

When was Richard Bellucci born?

Richard Bellucci was born in 1914.

How tall is Maria Bellucci?

Maria Bellucci is 170 cm.

When was Carlos Bellucci born?

Carlos Bellucci was born in 1895, in Argentina.

When was Monica Bellucci born?

Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964.

What is Monica Bellucci's birthday?

Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964.

When was Thomaz Bellucci born?

Thomaz Bellucci was born on 1987-12-30.