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Anna-Karin Hesse died in 1983.

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Q: When did Anna-Karin Hesse die?
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When did Richard Hesse die?

Richard Hesse died in 1944.

When did Christine of Hesse die?

Christine of Hesse died in 1604.

When did Konrad Hesse die?

Konrad Hesse died in 2005.

When did Adelaide of Hesse die?

Adelaide of Hesse died in 1371.

When did Piet Hesse die?

Piet Hesse died in 1936.

When did Walther Hesse die?

Walther Hesse died in 1911.

When did Gregory Hesse die?

Gregory Hesse died in 2006.

When did Louis of Hesse-Philippsthal die?

Louis of Hesse-Philippsthal died in 1816.

When did Adolf Friedrich Hesse die?

Adolf Friedrich Hesse died in 1863.

When did Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt die?

Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt died in 1736.

When did Agnes of Hesse die?

Agnes of Hesse died on 1555-11-04.

When did Albert John Hesse die?

Albert John Hesse died in 1987.