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Andreas Peter Berggreen died in 1880.

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Q: When did Andreas Peter Berggreen die?
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When was Andreas Peter Berggreen born?

Andreas Peter Berggreen was born in 1801.

What has the author C Skou written?

C. Skou has written: 'Andreas Peter Berggreen'

What has the author Andreas Peter Berggreen written?

Andreas Peter Berggreen has written: 'Folke-sange og melodier, faedrelandske og fremmede ,samlede og udsatte for pianoforte' 'Folke-sange og melodier, faedrelandske og fremmede ,samlede og udsatte for ..'

When did Ole Berggreen die?

Ole Berggreen died on December 14, 2005.

When did Rita Berggreen die?

Rita Berggreen died on January 14, 2006.

When did Peter Andreas Morell die?

Peter Andreas Morell died in 1948.

When did Peter Andreas Munch die?

Peter Andreas Munch died in 1863.

When did Andreas Peter Bernstorff die?

Andreas Peter Bernstorff died in 1797.

When did Peter Andreas Heuch die?

Peter Andreas Heuch died in 1825.

When did Peter Andreas Blix die?

Peter Andreas Blix died in 1901.

When did Johan Peter Andreas Anker die?

Johan Peter Andreas Anker died in 1876.

When did Peter Andreas Heiberg die?

Peter Andreas Heiberg died on April 30, 1841 at the age of 82.