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The show was moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in February 1964.

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Q: When did American Bandstand leave Philadelphia?
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Dick Clark started his 'American Bandstand' show in what city?

philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

What was the name of the series set in Philadelphia and involved American Bandstand dancers?

American Dreams

Did Angel appear on American Bandstand?

Yes they did. They did don't leave me lonely and the winter song

What is the duration of American Bandstand?

The duration of American Bandstand is 1.5 hours.

When was American Bandstand - album - created?

American Bandstand - album - was created in 2000.

What show lasted longer Soul Train or American Bandstand?

American Bandstand.

When did Los Lobos play on American Bandstand?

did Los Lobos play on american bandstand

What show did Dick Clark begin hosting in the 1950's?

American Bandstand among many others.

Who created the TV show American Bandstand?

To my knowledge, Dick Clark created American Bandstand.

Was there a dancer named famous hook on american bandstand?

yes there was once a dancer named "famous" hooks on american bandstand.

What television program was Dick Clark on in the late 1950s which started in Philadelphia?

Dick Clark hosted the television show American Bandstand in the late 1950's.

Where is bob and Justine of American bandstand now?

My husband Bob Hnselman danced on American Bandstand 1958-59 and he danced with Justine