When did Alpo Ruuth die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alpo Ruuth died on May 24, 2002, in Helsinki, Finland.

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Q: When did Alpo Ruuth die?
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When was Alpo Ruuth born?

Alpo Ruuth was born on March 17, 1943, in Helsinki, Finland.

What actors and actresses appeared in Muistiratoja - 1998?

The cast of Muistiratoja - 1998 includes: Alpo Ruuth as himself Erkki Seiro as Narrator

When did Eric Ruuth die?

Eric Ruuth died on 1820-05-25.

When did Alpo Viika die?

Alpo Viika died on December 4, 1970.

When was Eric Ruuth born?

Eric Ruuth was born on 1746-10-24.

When was Ilari Ruuth born?

Ilari Ruuth was born on 1990-08-27.

When was Marianne Ruuth born?

Marianne Ruuth was born on April 28, 1931, in Kumla, Sweden.

What has the author J W Ruuth written?

J. W. Ruuth has written: 'Viipurin kaupungin historia' -- subject(s): History

What is the birth name of Alpo Vammelvuo?

Alpo Vammelvuo's birth name is Alpo Hilpas Vammelvuo.

What is the birth name of Alpo Viika?

Alpo Viika's birth name is Alpo Johannes Wikman.

What has the author Gustaf Ruuth written?

Gustaf Ruuth has written: 'Konung och fosterland' -- subject(s): Bands (Music), Military music, History and criticism

When was Alpo - pet food - created?

Alpo - pet food - was created in 1936.