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Alfred Ollivant - writer - died in 1927.

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Q: When did Alfred Ollivant - writer - die?
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When was Alfred Ollivant - writer - born?

Alfred Ollivant - writer - was born in 1874.

When did Alfred Ollivant die?

Alfred Ollivant died in 1882.

When was Alfred Ollivant born?

Alfred Ollivant was born in 1798.

What has the author Alfred Ollivant written?

Alfred Ollivant has written: 'The certain existence, and proper limitation of differences in the church' -- subject(s): English Sermons, Sermons, English

When did Alfred Neumann - writer - die?

Alfred Neumann - writer - died in 1952.

When did Alfred Reynolds - writer - die?

Alfred Reynolds - writer - died in 1993.

When was Alfred Machin - writer - born?

Alfred Machin - writer - was born in 1888.

When was Alfred Reynolds - writer - born?

Alfred Reynolds - writer - was born in 1907.

When was Alfred Neumann - writer - born?

Alfred Neumann - writer - was born in 1895.

What has the author Daphne Ollivant Dostrovsky written?

Daphne Ollivant Dostrovsky has written: 'Counters' 'Strange play' 'The cups of the days'

When did Douglas Osmond die?

Douglas Oliver died in 2000.

Who was the publisher of Alfred kropp the second?

The writer of "Alfred Kropp" is Rick Yancey