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Alexandros Schinas died in 1913.

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Q: When did Alexandros Schinas die?
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When was Alexandros Schinas born?

Alexandros Schinas was born in 1870.

What has the author Alexandros Schinas written?

Alexandros Schinas has written: 'Anaphora peripto seo n' 'E partida'

When was Margaritis Schinas born?

Margaritis Schinas was born in 1962.

When did Alexandros Kontostavlos die?

Alexandros Kontostavlos died in 1865.

When did Alexandros Sakellariou die?

Alexandros Sakellariou died in 1982.

When did Alexandros Skouzes die?

Alexandros Skouzes died in 1937.

When did Alexandros Alexandrakis die?

Alexandros Alexandrakis died in 1968.

When did Alexandros Karapanos die?

Alexandros Karapanos died in 1946.

When did Alexandros Giotis die?

Alexandros Giotis died in 2011.

When did Alexandros Pallis die?

Alexandros Pallis died in 1935.

When did Alexandros Soutzos die?

Alexandros Soutzos died in 1821.

When did Alexandros Grigoropoulos die?

Alexandros Grigoropoulos died in 2008.