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Alexander Semmler died in April 1977, in Woodstock, New York, USA.

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Alexander Schmemann died in 1983.

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Q: When did Alexander Semmler die?
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When was Alexander Semmler born?

Alexander Semmler was born on November 26, 1900, in Germany.

When did Friedrich Wilhelm Semmler die?

Friedrich Wilhelm Semmler died on 1931-03-15.

When did Pierre Semmler die?

Pierre Semmler died on September 9, 2011, in Germany of cancer.

When was Stefan Semmler born?

Stefan Semmler was born in 1952.

When was Rudolf Semmler born?

Rudolf Semmler was born in 1913.

How tall is Pierre Semmler?

Pierre Semmler is 185 cm.

What has the author C Semmler written?

C. Semmler has written: 'Kenneth Slessor'

When was Christoph Semmler born?

Christoph Semmler was born on 1980-03-03.

When was Friedrich Wilhelm Semmler born?

Friedrich Wilhelm Semmler was born on 1860-05-11.

When was Pierre Semmler born?

Pierre Semmler was born on April 19, 1943, in Gladbeck, Germany.

Where did Alexander Fleming die?

Where did Alexander Fleming die?

What has the author Doris Semmler written?

Doris Semmler has written: 'Frauen gehen als Theologinnen ihren Weg' -- subject(s): Women theologians, Women clergy, Church history