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Alberto Flores Galindo died in 1990.

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Q: When did Alberto Flores Galindo die?
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When was Alberto Flores Galindo born?

Alberto Flores Galindo was born in 1949.

When did Alberto Baeza Flores die?

Alberto Baeza Flores died in 1998.

When did Alberto Oreamuno Flores die?

Alberto Oreamuno Flores died in 1980.

What has the author Alberto Flores Galindo written?

Alberto Flores Galindo has written: 'Los Rostros de La Plebe' 'Tiempo de plagas' -- subject(s): Social conditions 'Europa y el pais de los incas' -- subject(s): History, Incas 'Buscando un inca' -- subject(s): Civilization, History, Indians of South America, Nationalism, Resistance to Government, Utopias

When was Alberto Oreamuno Flores born?

Alberto Oreamuno Flores was born in 1905.

When was Alberto Baeza Flores born?

Alberto Baeza Flores was born in 1914.

When did Galindo Garcés die?

Galindo Garcés died in 844.

When did Sergio Galindo die?

Sergio Galindo died in 1993.

When did Philemon Galindo die?

Philemon Galindo died in 1840.

When did Galindo Aznárez I die?

Galindo Aznárez I died in 867.

When did Juan Galindo die?

Juan Galindo died in 1839.

When did Mauro Galindo die?

Mauro Galindo died in 2007.