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Albert McElroy died in 1975.

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Q: When did Albert McElroy die?
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When was Albert McElroy born?

Albert McElroy was born in 1915.

When did Roy McElroy die?

Roy McElroy died in 1994.

When did Ken McElroy die?

Ken McElroy died in 1981.

When did Robert R. McElroy die?

Robert R. McElroy died in 2012.

When did Robert McNutt McElroy die?

Robert McNutt McElroy died in 1959.

When did Mary Arthur McElroy die?

Mary Arthur McElroy died in 1917.

When did Jim McElroy - baseball - die?

Jim McElroy - baseball - died on 1889-02-24.

When did Neil H. McElroy die?

Neil H. McElroy died on 1972-11-30.

When and where did baseball player Jim McElroy die?

Jim McElroy died February 24, 1889, in Needles, CA, USA.

When did Jack McElroy die?

Jack McElroy died on March 2, 1959, in Santa Monica, California, USA of lung cancer.

When did George McElroy die?

George A. McCall died on 1868-02-25.

What is the birth name of Christina McElroy?

Christina McElroy's birth name is Christina Marra McElroy.