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Adela Pankhurst died in 1961.

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Q: When did Adela Pankhurst die?
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When was Adela Pankhurst born?

Adela Pankhurst was born in 1885.

What were emmeline pankhurst's four surviving children called?

Christabel, Sylvia, Frank and Adela

What where Emmeline Pankhurst's children called?

Emmeline Pankhurst had according to some records 4 and some 5 children with Richard Pankhurst these are all i could find: Christabel Pankhurst-1880 Sylvia Pankhurst-1882 Frank-1884 Adela-1885 so there you are found by Becky Button

What were the names of Emmeline Pankhurst's daughters?

Emmeline Pankhurst's children were called, Christabelle, Sylvia, Estelle, Adela and Francis Henry. Christabelle and Sylvia helped with her cause, the women's Suffrage movement

When did Adela Maddison die?

Adela Maddison died in 1929.

When did Adela of Flanders die?

Adela of Flanders died in 1115.

When did Lady Adela die?

Lady Adela died in 1924.

What were Emmeline's Pankhurst sibling called?

Sylvia is the daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst Sylvia's elder sister Christabel and her younger sister is called Adela they have a brother called Harry. Sylvia had a son called Richard . Sylvia, Adela, Harry and Christabel had a father called Richard. Emmeline's mum was called Sophia and her dad was called Robert. Hope this is helpful.

When did Adela of Meissen die?

Adela of Meissen died on 1181-10-23.

When did Adela of Normandy die?

Adela of Normandy died on 1137-03-08.

When did Adela Mary Younghusband die?

Adela Mary Younghusband died in 1969.

When did Mary Adela Blagg die?

Mary Adela Blagg died in 1944.