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Sometimes they aren't and you can easily tell.

Sometimes they aren't, but you can't easily tell.

Sometimes they are, but it's not always easy to be sure.

In older movies many of the shots would have been filmed under artificial circumstances. However, with smaller cameras and modern technology it is possible to mount cameras in all sorts of positions on and in a car in order to film the driver actually driving.

But when the driver turns and talks to the cameras whilst driving, it makes you wonder!

And some shots are from right in front of the driver! Or are done very close to the driver's face. It is doubtful that they are really driving under those conditions!

A driving scene is made up of many shots. And nowadays most are probably real and some might be fake, but the editing is done to make it all look continuous and real.

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Q: When characters are driving a car in a movie are they really driving?
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