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Well Bella means beautiful, and I'm not sure of ''bionda'' .

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Q: Whay does the word Bella bionda mean?
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What does Bella mean in hawaiian?

The word "Bella" means "Beautiful". The origin is actually Italian, not Hawaiian.

What does Vista Bella mean?

The phrase "vista bella" is Spanish for "beautiful view". The word "vista" means "view" and the word "bella" is the feminine version of the Spanish word "beautiful". Bella can be substituted for the word "hermosa", which also means beautiful.

What is the french word for the name Bella?

"Bella" means "beautiful" in italian, though it doesn't mean anything in French. Translation for Bella into french is Belle which has the same meaning, beautiful.

What does ''Bella'' mean in Hebrew?

Bella in Hebrew means 'Devoted to God'Answer:If you're asking about the name Bella, it doesn't mean "devoted to God" or anything else in Hebrew; it isn't a Hebrew name. There's a word bela in Hebrew, meaning "swallowing," but it's unrelated.

Is Bella a french word?

No Bella isn't a french word but it is Italian for beautiful.

What is another word for Bella?

Bella is Italian for beautiful

What is the meaning of Bella in Romanian?

Bella is not a Romanian name or word; bella is beautiful in Italian.

What is a word that descrbes Bella from twilight?

A word to describe Bella Swan in Twilight is Clumsy, and very shy.

Is there a Bella Allan in the Bible?

No. Neither the word - Bella - nor the word - Allan - appear anywhere in the Bible.

What does Bella mean in Italian as in Bella Thomas?

"Beautiful" or a nickname for Isabella may be English equivalents of "Bella Thomas."Specifically, the Italian word "bella" may be an adjective or the nickname for a feminine proper name. The feminine singular adjective "bella" means "beautiful." The feminine singular proper noun "Bella" is a nickname for Isabella.Either way, the pronunciation is "BEHL-lah."

Word gets the error File conversion Macros dot Select the encoding that makes your document readable?

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What is the Italian word meaning Sleeping Beauty?

Bella Addormentata (nel bosco).