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black and blue and her name is zonnique :)

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Q: Whats the two colors did star from omg girlz dye her hair?
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What is star from the omg girlz?

There is no star from the omg girlz.

Who is miss star on omg girlz?

Miss star from omg girlz is zonnique pullins

When is star from the omg girlz birthday?

Star from the OMG Girlz birthday is March 20.

Which one of the omg girlz is TI's daughter?

Star (Zonnique, the one with the blue hair) is T.I's step-daughter

Do the omg girlz have kidz?

No, They Don't Have Kids !Beauty Has The PINK Hair, She's 15 !Star Has The BLUE Hair, She's 16 !Babydoll Has The PURPLE Hair, She's 17 !

Who are the omg girlz?

The omg girlz are Star, Beauty,and Baby doll which is a teen group of girlz that are sensational

Do star from omg girlz where sew in weave?

Yes, she does because on some of her pictures her hair is different lengths.But she doesn't have to because she her real hair is a little pat her shoulder.!!

Is star from the omg girlz ok with beauty from the omg girlz dating her x boyfriend?

ray ray and star are going

Who is the leader of the omg girlz?


Who is in the omg girlz now?

The members of the OMG Girlz now is: Star , Beauty , And Babydoll

How old is star in the omg girlz?

star is currently 15.

Who does omg girlz star date?