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It is called Olypmic Hero. You cant download it on iTunes but you can listen to it on Limewire and

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Q: Whats the name Kurt angles WWE theme?
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What is the name of Kurt angles ECW theme song?

its called you suck

Whats the name of the iPhone song?

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What is the name of Kurt Angles theme song?

In WWE, Kurt Angle has had several theme music songs. Most known is of course Medal, and the Medal Remix both by WWE's in-house producer Jim Johnston. Another one, which isn't much different from Medal is called "I Don't Suck" once again by Jim Johnston

Whats the name of marias theme song?

Maria Kanellis on WWE her theme song is called:With Legs Like That by Zebrahead!!!!!!!!

Whats the name of rick flair's theme song?

The name of Ric Flair's theme song is "Also sprach Zarsthustra" by Richard Strauss

Whats was the name of Tatanka's theme song?

a man who killed a man from 200 hundred yards away with his own fist.

Whats the name of the theme song for UFC 2009 undisputed?

The song is Stemm-face the pain You can get it from

Whats the name of rob and bigs theme song?

It's called "Best Friend", by Harry Nilsson

Whats the name of WWE diva maria entrance theme?

Its by Zebrahead. The Song is called "With Legs Like That."

What is the birth name of Kurt Bristoll?

Kurt Bristoll's birth name is Kurt Raymond Bristoll.

Whats the name of the wrestlemaina 27 theme song?

It's sung by Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner.

What is the birth name of Kurt Gerron?

Kurt Gerron's birth name is Kurt Gerson.