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Zonnique pullins was born on March 20th 1996

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Q: What year was zonnique pullins born?
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Zonnique pullins what year was she born in?


Do zonnique pullins have a oovoo?

dose zonnique pullins have oovoo

When was zonnique pullins born?

March 21,1997

How tall is zonnique pullins from Omg girlz?

zonnique jailee pullins is 5'8

What is zonnique pullins favorite sport?

zonnique pullins favorite sport is soccer

Who is zonnie pullins?

He is Zonnique Pullins' father.

What is zonnique pullins favorite color?

If you are referring to Zonnique Pullins, it's light brown.

Is Zonnique Pullins single?

Yes!! Zonnique is single

Who is Zonnie ''Zeboe'' Pullins?

He is Zonnique Pullins' father.

Does zonnique pullins have a boyfriend?

who is zonnique boyfriend tiny daughter

Where is zonnique pullins from?

zonnique's nationality is american but her mum tiny is mixed race, and her dad zebo pullins is 100% black

What is tiny's daughter zonnique's full name?

zonnique star pullins