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Carlos Aguilar was born on 1988-05-25.

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Q: What year was Carlos negrete born?
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What is the birth name of Carlos Ancira?

Carlos Ancira's birth name is Carlos Ancira Negrete.

Who is the Inventor of minicomputer?

Carlos Negrete and Harlon Anderson

When was Vitor Negrete born?

Vitor Negrete was born in 1967.

Who invented the mini computer?

carlos negrete and harlan anderson

Who invented mini computers?

Carlos Negrete and Harlon Anderson

When was Jorge Negrete born?

Jorge Negrete was born on November 30, 1911.

When was Manuel Negrete - shooting - born?

Manuel Negrete - shooting - was born in 1946.

When was Fidel Negrete born?

Fidel Negrete was born on 1932-02-23.

When was Gloria Negrete McLeod born?

Gloria Negrete McLeod was born on 1941-09-06.

When was Pedro Celestino Negrete born?

Pedro Celestino Negrete was born on 1777-05-14.

When was Manuel Negrete Arias born?

Manuel Negrete Arias was born on 1959-03-11.

When was Camucha Negrete born?

Camucha Negrete was born on April 22, 1945, in Iquitos, Peru.