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This is a 1990 120Hp motor with Electric start, Tilt & Trim.

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Q: What year is evinrude with a model number E120TLESB?
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Model number e70elco evinrude motor what year is it?

A 70 hp Evinrude outboard, model number E70ELCO, would be a 1985 year model.

What year is evinrude outboard motor model E40TELCO?

A 40 hp Evinrude, model number E40TELCO, is a 1985 year model.

What model year and horsepower is an Evinrude with a model number 60453S?

i have an 1967 evinrude 60 hp sportfour with model number 60453s

Evinrude model e15rcis sn e0001074 what year?

A 15 hp Evinrude, model number RCIS would be a 1981 year model.

What year is a evinrude with a model number E30ECRR?

Model number E30ECRR, is a 1984 model, 30 hp Evinrude, electric start outboard.

Your evinrude motor has the model number 35853R What is the year?

An Evinrude outboard, model number 35853R, would be a 1978 model, 35 hp.

What is the year of my 25 hp evinrude 'E25RCNB?

A 25 hp Evinrude, model number E25RCNB, would be a 1982 year model.

What year is Evinrude outboard 28 HP model E28ESLCE?

A 28 hp Evinrude, model number E28ESLCE would be a 1989 year model.

Evinrude 35hp engine model 35702H serial E0004986 what year is it?

Model number 35702H, would be a 1977 year model Evinrude outboard.

85HP evinrude motor serial E04712 what year is this motor?

The year model of an Evinrude outboard cannot be determined from the serial number, but rather from the model number.

How do you find out what year your evinrude motor is?

Model # is E8RCSS Serial# is E0006522 Evinrude uses the model number to determine the year model. The above model number designates an 1980 model , 8 hp.

What year is evinrude serial e0005067?

Evinrude outboards requires the model number to determine the year of the engine.