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Q: What year did the song apache by sugarhill gang come out?
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Who sang the song that goes Dum Dum Dum Dum Dumdum jump on it jump on it? i think this is what you were looking for: Jump on it - Sugarhill Gang Apache

Who sang the song JUMP?

I believe you are confused with the song entitled SHOP AROUND which was principally performed by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Mr. Robinson was credited with writing the song lyrics. don"t be sold on the very first one! (one fo the lines in the song) Irish influenced rap group, House of Pain, released a song called 'Jump Around' in 1992.

Who is singer of early 1970's song Pretty Girls Sunshine in their hair perfume in the air girls are everywhere?

The Cowsills. Errrr no - the lyrics are clearly different! the band that did this are called Moments and Whatnaughts and the track is called Girls. If you type the band name in to YouTube it will show you there 1975 Top Of The Pops appearance WHAT A CLASSIC TUNE Ciao Zoley NO... i think you're talking about GIRLS by SUGARHILL GANG "girls... girls!... sunshine in their hair... girls!... perfume that they wear.. girls!... girls are everywhere..." tried googling it and couldn't find it, but i promise that's how the song goes :D The first answer is correct! The song is called GIRLS and the group is THE MOMENTS, off the album LOOK AT ME. You can find it on ITunes to download. The SugarHill Gang is a sorta remake with the original samples around their rap lyrics.

What song has the name joanna in it?

The band Toto released a song called "Joanna" in the early 80s.

Which cherish song is good love song?

Kool and the gang cherish