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Q: What year did Pink have the hit single Most Girls on LaFaceArista?
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Why do most girls like pink?

Because pink is the most popular color in all girls life, some girls even paint there rooms hot pink, or light pink.

Do most girls like pink or purple?

Pink (IMO)

Why is pink for girls and blue for booys?

most girls like pink so they thought of blue to represent the blue

What is the color that most girls like?

Most of the girls who does fashion or try to be popular they love "PINK"

Which is the most famous color pink or purple?

Pink Pink for girls blue for boys a traditional colour

What year did pink's Most Girls come out?

IN THE 2000s!!

When did Pink release the song Stupid Girls?

Pink released the song Stupid Girls in 2006. It was released as a single from the album "I'm not dead." Stupid Girls was the highest rated debut of a song on the billboard charts Pink had ever done in the week it was first released.

What is the most popular girls clothing colour?

Most likely pink

What do most girls want for Hanukkah?

A pink Motorola RAZR

Who is lady in red dress in pink's music video most girls?

Pink's music video "Most Girls" was a highly popular video. It is unknown who the lady in the red dress is in the video.

Is pink only a girly color?

Most of the time girls ware pink, but boys do to. Girls usually are the only ones that ware pink. Even know girls ware it more, doesn't mean it's not a GIRLY COLOR!

What color do girls favor most?

pink of know they like nicki minaj friday